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4 Signs You Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Cityview Family Dental Centre – Ottawa's Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Removal. Learn the 4 signs of when you might need to remove your wisdom teeth.

How do you know when you need to remove your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth may need to be removed starting at the age of 18, but every person is different. Learn the signs of wisdom teeth symptoms and when you should visit the dentist. .

You may have one, more or no wisdom teeth, and some may need to be removed.

4 Signs of Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Pain in the area of your tooth
  2. Bad taste in your mouth
  3. Swelling and redness in gums
  4. Crowding other teeth

Sometimes wisdom teeth can grow in and cause no pain at all. Your dentist still may recommend wisdom teeth removal as they can easily become infected.

Do I have to get all my wisdom teeth removed at the same time?

Your dentist will let you know when and if you should remove your wisdom teeth. You may also be a candidate for sedation during the wisdom tooth removal process. Please ask your dentist about sedation and learn about your options.

How much does it cost to remove my wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth removal may be covered under your dental plan. Please consult with your treatment coordinator, and we will be able to understand your coverage, and work with you for payment.

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