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How Professional Teeth Whitening is Done

If your teeth have become discoloured, whitening is an option. Learn how professional teeth whitening at our Nepean office is done, as well as the types of teeth whitening procedures your dentist can perform.

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How long does Invisalign® treatment take?

Invisalign® is a largely inconspicuous option for straightening teeth for those who are wary of the aesthetics of metal braces. Here, our Nepean dentists explain approximately how long the Invisalign process will take.

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Dental Bonding vs. Dental Fillings

Dental bonding and fillings are a great way to transform your smile. Our Nepean dentists are here to explain the benefits of each procedure and how they can change your smile.

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Reasons to Get Invisalign

While having straighter teeth can help improve the appearance of your smile, there are a variety of other benefits to undergoing Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

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Why consider Invisalign®?

Straightening your smile with Invisalign® can be easy! In fact, Invisalign offers a number of benefits that may help you decide between traditional metal braces and clear aligners. Here our Nepean dentists offer some reasons you might choose Invisalign. 

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Teeth Whitening: In-Office vs. At-Home

You may be wondering about the difference between teeth whitening at your dentist's office compared to do-it-yourself treatments at home. Here, our Nepean dentists shed some light on your options for this popular cosmetic dental procedure to lighten your smile. 

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5 Common Dental Emergencies

Even if you do not visit Cityview Family Dental Centre in Ottawa as a regular patient, we may be able to help you with your dental emergency.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Dental Implants

At Cityview Family Dental Centre, our dentists offers dental implants for patients living in Ottawa.

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10 Things That Could be Causing Your Toothache

Have you been experiencing a toothache? Visit the dentists at Cityview Family Dental Centre in Ottawa for tooth pain treatment.

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2 Common Dental Services to Get Before Your Wedding

Our Ottawa dentists offer wedding and bridal consultations for patients looking to change their smiles with teeth whitening, veneers or bonding before their weddings.

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